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Protecting Parental Rights for Same-Sex Partners

The understanding of parenthood - maternity and paternity - is well known and accepted throughout the state of Texas as a man and a woman who have conceived, adopted, or otherwise obtained legal parenthood of a child. Parenthood is a little less understood when it comes to homosexual partners or same-sex married couples who wish to become parents. O’Neil Wysocki P.C. has more than two decades of family law experience and can help you and your spouse to understand your rights and become legal parents of a child.

How to Become Parents as a Homosexual Couple

In many cases, one member of a same-sex couple will father or give birth to a child, making them the biological parent. The most common way for the other partner or spouse to become the child's parent is through adoption. He or she could also be the child's parent through presumption if he or she is married to the biological parent at the time of the child's birth.

It is also possible for an individual to be declared the legal father of a child by the court. In order to be certain which options are available for your situation, speak with a Dallas LGBT custody attorney as soon as possible.

Child Custody Issues in a Same-Sex Divorce

Couples might be confused about how custody works in LGBT relationships when they end in divorce. An experienced attorney can help you create a parenting plan that works for both parents if you are both legal parents of the child through adoption. However, separation becomes more complicated if the child is a natural-born son or daughter of one partner and no legal adoption by the other spouse was attempted.

For these cases, it is essential to go to court with evidence that the non-biological parent had care, control, and possession of the child. Courts will determine custody as well as child support based on the well-being of the children. If a child is negatively affected by a separation from their non-biological parent, a judge may still award visitation rights.

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