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Holidays and the Texas Standard Possession Schedule:

It is approaching the holiday season again. Be sure to pull out your Final Decree of Divorce, Order in Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship or other court order to determine when you have possession of your children for Christmas in 2012.

It is important to obtain a copy of your child’s/children’s school calendar, so that you can determine when they will be released from school for the holidays. If you have a child that is not in school, then obtain a copy of the calendar for the school district that they would be attending if they were in school, and follow that calendar to determine when your holiday periods of possession begin and end.


Generally, the non-primary conservator will have possession of the child/children for the front-half of the Christmas holiday in even-numbered years. The front half of Christmas begins on the day that the children are dismissed from school for Christmas holiday and ends at noon on December 28. Typically, the primary conservator has possession of the children for the back-half of Christmas in even-numbered years. The back-half of Christmas begins at noon on December 28 and ends at the time that school resumes after the Christmas holiday. This period of possession begins on the date that the children are release from school for Christmas break.