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Case Takes On Definition of "Family"

A jury in Dallas County, Texas took on the basic meaning of "family" when considering where to place an 18-month old child in the custody of CPS because her father is in jail and her mother is deported.

The child has lived in the home of her foster parents since she was only days old. That is the only home she has known. Yet, the jury awarded custody of the child to the child’s paternal grandmother from Mexico, who had only recently come forward. The grandmother has custody of two of the siblings of this child in Mexico.

The grandmother argued that she should have custody of the child because she is a blood relative and therefore "family" of the child.

The foster parents happen to be gay and have another adopted child. They argued that they provided the real family, regardless of bloodlines, for the child for her entire life, so the child should remain with them.

So, what factors did the jury find important? Was there some element of prejudice against the alternative lifestyle of the foster parents? Or did the jury place more weight on the blood relationship between the child and her grandmother and siblings?

Hat tip to CBS 11 for this article.